Black Devil KR808D Advanced E Cigarette Clearomizer

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We would first like to apologize for the lack of new articles on our website in past couple months.  Not that there hasn’t been any new development in the electronic cigarette world – there’s actually been quite a bit of new advancements.  So we are back on track with several new articles ready to go.

First in the series is this article on the newest clearomizer or cartomizer to hit the marketplace that actually makes some difference, the all new Black Devil KR808D Clearomizer from Sin City E Cigarette.  They sent us a few back in December for us to review here on Electronic Smoke Tips. 

Why we had to wait so long for this great new product, we don’t know, but it’s about time.  First of all, a bit of back-story on a similar product.  There has been a similar clearomizer out for Joye 510 for several years now but it never really became popular due to the fact that the clearomizers or cartomizers rarely worked.  Okay, maybe that’s unfair, but they did have poor quality control or the technology just wasn’t there to be able to make it work.  Often, the unit failed even before its first use.  Try being on a cruise boat with 3 failed cartomizers and you’ll see how upset you can get (yes, it has happened to me, luckily I brought my F1s also).

These new clearomizer from Sin City for their version of the KR808D-1 is completely different from the Joye 510s.  The new Black Devil CE Clearomizer is based on the popular CE4 clearomizer that has been all the rage in the e cig world these days.  Although similar in size and shape, they work very differently and they WORK! 

Think of it as CE4V2’s smaller sibling made just for the 808 e cigarette battery (see our article on CE4 V2).  Now esmokers who prefer the light-weight and feel of the KR808D or Blu E Cig-type electronic cigarettes can join the eGo-based world in enjoying the CE clearomizers.  No more messing around trying to pry open the cartridges, adding a few drops of e-juice and wiping off the excess, only to do it again by nightfall.  Now filling the 808 e cigarette with your favorite e-liquid is a very simple and easy task that can be done in your car (in a parking lot or something, not while you are speeding on the freeway – yeah, that’s the CHP wondering if you are drunk swerving while filling your e cigs).

To fill the Black Devil KR808D Clearomizer, all you have to do is twist open the cap, which is also your mouth piece, and pour your e juice in.  It’s that simple and easy.  The vapor production is also very good giving the user thick, milky e smoke with great throat-hit.  Works great with either automatic or manual batteries and the draw on it is smooth and easy.  Not like sucking on a thick milkshake straw. 

Two things we think needs improvement though.  One, we couldn’t use very viscous e liquid such as our 70-30 (vg-pg) smoke juice.  The clearomizer has no problems using the highly VG e-liquid but it was very hard to pour it in.  The e-juice would stick to the sidewalls of the tank between the atomizer coil head and just wouldn’t drip down.  Using a syringe by-passed this problem but recharge of the atomizer took a long time.  When we switch to 30-70 (VG-PG) blended e liquid, that is when we realized how great this latest e cigarette was.   Still had a bit of sticking to the side wall deal, but definitely not as bad as the VG e liquid.  The recharge time decreased tremendously.  That brings us to the next drawback – we had to often lean the e-liquid towards the atomizer while inhaling to get the best vapor production.  So basically, the e cig tip is point up while using the personal vaporizer.  Not a great inconvenience but hopefully they will find a solution for this.  We noticed that the wicks in the CE was very short, similar to the original CE4.  Perhaps when they extend the wicks, it may solve this situation. 

We used our Black Devil CE constantly for two weeks and had absolutely no problems, ok, one problem.  One of the ten clearomizers worked but was hard to inhale on.  We figure it was defective and reported the problem to Sin City.  The rest were superb!  The some of the clearomizers started to fade after about a couple weeks of constant vaping, which is quite normal.  We figure, if it gives off great esmoke for a week, the item did its job.  We usually experience that they easily last about a couple weeks.  We have had CE4V2 last over a month – and we vape heavily!  You can clean them and reuse them.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube – we will make sure some are on this site asap – that will show you how. 

Overall, Black Devil CE clearomizer is a great new item that with some improvements can definitely be a game changer for small, cigarette-like electronic cigarettes.  I’m sure Blu E Cig with their cartomizer aren’t happy about this development since it will definitely cut into their cartridge sales, but that isn’t our problem.  It is our understanding that Sin City E Cigarette is working on 906 version and working on improving the 808. 

What does all this mean to us?  Well in the past two years, the competition is so heated with everyone and their mother getting their feet wet in electronic cigarette, that the quality and types of products has improved vastly.  This means better products, a variety of e cig products and better quality items for the rest of us.  We are loving it!  We see more improvements coming in the next few months and will definitely review them for you..

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